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galleries of emubeads

handmade glass beads are literally, each one, individually handmade.

i  have uploaded images that may reflect the colour, size
and appearance of the handmade beads you are looking for.

otherwise, let me know what your needs are, and i’ll make it

disc beads are about the size of an australian 10-cent piece and larger than a 5-cent piece.
size and thickness varies with each individual bead, because as you know, each bead is hand made.
and sameness is relative.


in general, beads are quite forgiving in their design.
single beads look great thread directly onto a chain, or leather
and two beads can become quite friendly together despite their differences

i sell beads, one, two or three or more,
whatever your magic combination is.
start with one and add another later

each bead is a glass artwork
art with a hole

necklaces and REVAMPs

i tend to make necklaces totally on a whim of my own desires and colour interests.

some are guided by the client’s preferred colours and design.
we’ll start with a chat about the attributes of the necklace
and most often that means: the colour schemes,
the style, and its overall look when finished:
the length,
the sizes of beads
and if any other materials will be included, like special stones from a loved one


for most of us, we have a collection of beads stashed somewhere,
those loved and broken pieces of jewellery,
some semi-precious stones collected while travelling
or your grandmother’s crystals.

at the REVAMP gatherings,
i have been assisting others to upcycle their eclectic mix of beads
to remix and re-style
into a new piece of jewellery
with all the hallmarks of those loved and precious items.

sitting around the table, connecting to the task at hand,
some gentle conversation, as happens when creating occurs.
the participants focus on the task of integrating, at times,
disparate beads.
around a table of emubeads to add to your mix,
the diverse colours, forms and sizes of emubeads
bring the eclectic and diverse together in a harmonious way.

‘bubbles and baubles’ REVAMP for the bride and her wedding party

contact to organise your own event or attend a general gathering.
BYO beads and loved bits


since i started hammering and heating silver, and
developing my silver-smithing skills to correspond with my organic looking glassbeads,
the overall look of an emubead pendant has changed.

i’m sure this will continue, everything changes.