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about emubeads

2005, I made my first glass bead.

since then, glassbeadmaking’s been a process of exploration and discovery.
a journey and an apprenticeship,
self-taught with regular mistakes and learnings.
Like life.

artisan made glass beads on a chain, on silver link

flamework for a fire sign,
watching glass melt and drip, it’s timing
controlling the liquid glass
I don’t have total control,
which is good for a human to understand
responding to the material,
recycled metals
and repetition


a screenful of artisan beads, blues greens
artisan on studio steps

about the artist

Since returning to Australia from Austria with a family in tow,
and completing an honours degree in visual arts,
I better understand the connectedness of life
and the importance of all living things:
the waterway systems, the rocks, the trees, the air.
As a creature of this earth, my connectedness is to all other creatures and our habitat.

I make beads because it’s my ‘thing’, making is my thing.
It’s me, being me.
Vulnerability is the courage to be one’s self.
being our true selves.
The unique individual as part of the whole.

the slow, handmade product.
slowing down mass consumption
and a deep appreciation of art in everyday life.

unique beads