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about emubeads

Since 2005, i’ve been making glass beads.

Through a continual process of exploration and discovery.
Like life.
It’s been an apprenticeship, self-taught with ongoing mistakes/learnings.

emubeads, unique beads, because i am. as are you.

artisan made glass beads on a chain, on silver link

I am mesmerised by the flame,

watching  the glass melt and drip.

I sometimes wrangle the glass, to make it do what  I want.
inevitably it does what it does.

I don’t have total control, which is good for a human to understand.


a screenful of artisan beads, blues greens
artisan on studio steps

about the artist

Since returning home from Austria
with a family in tow, I understand my connectedness with life
and the importance of all living things:
the waterway system of creeks, rivers and oceans, the soil, the trees, the air,
As a creature of this earth, my connectedness is to all other creatures and our habitat.

I make beads because it’s my ‘thing’, making is my thing.
It’s me, being me.
Vulnerability is the courage to be one’s self.
I am sure the world would look very different, breathe differently,
if we humans were being vulnerable, beingour true selves.
The unique individual as part of the whole. The whole Earth system.

I see a rebirth of the artisans’ skills,
the slow, handmade, local product.
A slowing down of consumption
and a deep appreciation of art in everyday life.