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about emubeads

making glassbeads since 2005

hand forged in the flame,
emubeads are a product of the artisan
each bead with its own characteristics

in the flame, the glass and myself make a pact

beginning first with the hole size and a dual gas flame,
one hand grasps the mandrill onto which the glassbead will be wound,
and the other hand holds the glass to be gently heated.

layering glass into a unique concoction of colours and
sometimes with metals trapped between,
repetition of actions create slight differences.
and diversity is the key

i think i became addicted to the process with the first bead
and the making of more beads led to more curiosity
which led to changing the boundaries of what a bead is.

each glass has its own fluidity, exerts its own influence,
which initiates a rhythmic discussion between the glassbead and my influence.
i don’t have total control, which is good for a human to understand

about the artist

i currently live in the creative crater
wollumbin mountain aka the cloudcatcher, northern nsw

living here has brought me to understand my connectedness with life
and the importance of all living things:
the waterway system’s creeks & rivers, the soils, the trees, the air
and as a creature on this earth, my connectedness to all other creatures.

i love the rain inspired rainforest
i love our planet

and here, i make glassbeads with passion